Daylight Hour shenanigans at the Roundhouse

City of Vancouver and Park Board staff were asked to show how they work in natural light (office lights turned off) for 2017's Daylight Hour challenge. The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre staff decided that lights out in the office must mean it's a beach day! There's a lot that can happen when you're having too much fun.

Pro tip: Turn up the brightness on your computer monitor - the vid is a little bit dark :-)

Cast and crew, in order of appearance:

Percy Football receiver

Francois Sunblock hand

Silvia Sunblock helper

Andrew Paper chopper

Val First Aid attendant

Krissy Selfie taker

Maria Selfie middle

Liz Selfie left

Laura Beach ball player

Fraser Football thrower

Peter Supervisor

Hanne Lene Director, camera

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